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The Facts on Sales Training in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto

87% of learning is lost within 30 days if no followup learning activity takes place. Within 2 weeks of training, here’s what your staff will say…
“I don’t remember what was covered”
“I don’t feel comfortable enough to use the tools”
“I didn’t get enough practice to have the confidence to try it”
“I tried and it didn’t work. Am I doing something wrong?”
“Management is too busy to check if I am using it anyway”
“I’ll just go back to the old way”

The Key is Practical Application and Implementation

PROSALESGUY TRAINING believes in a consistent approach to training with your Managers directly involved. My techniques are 100% practical and proven based on street level experience.

After a market visit, much of the Individual Training can be done via web conferencing, which reduces travel expenses and provides a framework for consistency.

The ABC’s of Sales are not what you think..

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